lunes, 13 de noviembre de 2017

Comentario students organization

how should students  be organized?

Some people become stressed when they have many exams in a row are stressed, and especially people who have activities in the afternoon.
When the last weeks of the school arrive, it is the date when they put the exams (the most important) are more followed the people get stressed do not know how to organize. During that week we have to make an extra effort to pass the exams and be able to enjoy a good summer     if   the contents of the subject are too many  In order to study better and get better the exam we have to meet a series of requirements:
-Organize yourself
-Study in a study site without noise.
- Be focused, without getting lost, or entertain yourself.
-To have a necessary rest
-Don't take the phone before going to bed (You can not sleep well)
-You have to study in time, if the subject is too long.
The exams are always stressful for everybody.


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