martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

a biography

Karl Friedrich Benz

Karl Friedrich Benz was a German engineer. He is considered one of the inventors of the automobile. Karlsruhe, November 25, 1844, Ladenburg, April 4, 1929. His mother was Josephine Vaillant and his father was Johann George Benz, Karl Friedrich Benz, he was the only son. First, in 1871, he created his first company to sell materials for building. The following year he married Bertha Ringer, with who he had five children: Richard Benz, Clara Benz, Ellen Benz, Thilde Benz and Eugen Benz. After that, in 1883 he started to build industrial engines in Mannheim. Finally, in 1910 and in 1924, he created the best car at that time. 5 years later,he died on April 4, 1929 in Ladenburg, Germany, when he was 84 years old.

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