domingo, 3 de junio de 2018

If your English teacher is Alberto, in order to pass, you must comply and take the following advice. -You should read the 3 books, do the activities, because you will do an exam about that book -Do the homerworkd that you send, and if you have free time advance. -To study every day, because your exams are surprise does not tell you exactly what week it is. -in the final exam, all the topics given during the whole course will fall. -To have a point in the final note of the trimester, you should make ten comments, and in the third trimester you should make five quality comments and evaluate you. -you have to have a filing cabinet where you will put a section with two maps of England, another section for the exercises, another section for the writings and exercises of the blog, and another section for the exams, this filer should have the pages paged, the file cabinet You must always deliver it when you do an exam the next day
-you should do the writings that he sendos
-The writings that you send you will have to share them corrected in your blog.
If you cumply these tips and pass the exams, you will pass English

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