domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

Buying a tickets

                       Buying a ticket
Situation 1
B:How many tickets would you like?
A:I want two tickets for adults and two tickets for children.
How much are the tickets?
B:That's $132.
A:Is there a special price for families?
B:Yes,there is.That's $112.20 for family.
A:What time does the zoo open?
B:It opens at 9:00 am in the morning.
A:And ,what time does the zoo close?
B:It closes at 5:00pm in the evening.

Situation 2
A:Can I help you?
B:How much are the tickets?
A:They 're $42 for adults (3-11)$32 for children.How many tickets would you like?
B:I want one ticket for adukt and two tickets for children,please.Is there a special  for families?
A:No,there isn't.That's $106.
Is there anything else?
B:Yes,What time does the zoo open and close in the summer?
A:Well,it's summer,so it opens at 9:00am in the morning,and it closes at 5:00pm in the evening dacly.
B:Good bye thank you


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