lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

Dialogues(UNIT 3)

                   Junk Food

-A:Do you like junk food?
-B:Yes,I love it.And you?
-A:Yes,I love it
-B:I can't believe it!How often do you eat junk food?
-A:I eat junk food twice a week .And you?
-B:Really?I eat junk food once a week



-A:Do you like music?
-B:Yes,I listen to music almost every day And you?
-A:Are you juddij?I also  like,I listen to music every day
-B:Do you download music?
-A:No ,I don't.I buy CD'S.And you?
-B:Really?Yes,I do.I download music.
-A:What is your favourite type of music?
-B:Rap.And you?
-A:My favourite type of music is Pop.


-A:What is your favourite sport?
-B:My favourite sport is swimming.And you?
-A:Hunky dory!My favourite sport is play tennis.
-B:How often do you practise sport?
-A:Around one hour,twice week .And you?
-B:Like you


-A:How often do you use the Internet?
-B:I use the Internet at the weekend.And you?
-A:I use the Internet  theree times a week
-B:Do you have Internet in your house?
-A:Yes,I do.My  sister needs it for her school.And you?
-B:Really?Yes,I do,My brothers also need it for the school projects


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